My “KIDS” Zaki & Mocha

This page is dedicated to my “kids” Zaki (Zah Kee) and Mocha.

3 Responses to “My “KIDS” Zaki & Mocha”

  1. Are these real kids or turtle kids?

  2. Hey Jo,

    My “kids” are two dogs. I haven’t gotten anything up there about them yet but I will be doing so within the next week or so. Now that the Olympics are done my attention is on the Democratic National Convention this week. After that is over life will slow back down and I can get back to all the regular type blogging I do.

    As well as getting to blog stuff I have not as of yet had the time to. So watch out for it next week sometime.

  3. Cool I have a miniture Jack Russell sniffing the keyboard as I type. :)

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