Stories from an EMT

How many times have you been involved in a conversation, and when you tell the other person what you do for a living, they say these words. “I bet you have seen a lot. I could never do that kind of job!” Every medic can also verify that when they think of the types of things they have seen, there are a couple of incidents that stand out among the rest.

I have more than a couple. While my family and friends have heard several of them; there is a good many more they haven’t. I have decided that I’m finally in the blogging world to begin recounting some of those stories. Perhaps it will help if I vent them here. I carry many demons from that time when I walked the battleground between life and death.

I am no longer a practicing EMT but that doesn’t mean I don’t still carry the battle scars from when I was. Years later I still at times find myself unable to sleep recalling calls I was on. Some are so nightmarish I’m not sure if I can even put them down here. I know I will carry everyone of them till the day I take my last breath. These nightmares live within me and I in them, we are one.

I won’t promise how often I will post on this page. I can only promise you I will. It’s not easy putting this stuff down. It’s not easy carrying it either.

I have explained what this page is about if you choose to continue on look to the right of the page until you find pages: then Stories from an EMT: then click the stories you find there. I must warn you, some of these stories are not for the faint of heart. My nightmares could become yours, some stories could become very graphic, so choose wisely before deciding to walk into my Hell.

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