WHY is Hillary Clinton not Barack Obama’s running mate?

That question had to be on many minds Tuesday night as Clinton delivered a rousing endorsement of Obama – a speech that moved between inspiration and attack, hitting every note perfectly.

The backdrop was constant carping that Hillary hasn’t done enough for the candidate she lost the primary to.

Never mind that she has behaved immeasurably better than losing candidates before her who’d won far less support than she did.

It’s easy to get confused about this, since so many in the anti-Hillary media who hysterically demanded her exit from the race have conveniently edited out from history anything that doesn’t fit into their nonsense narrative, as if her campaign invented party discord.

Let’s review.

Hillary Clinton – amid outrage at her behavior – made her concession speech and endorsed Obama five days after the last primary. The way Obama’s fans in the media tell it, you’d think she took months. Compare to 1984, when Gary Hart waited nearly a month to concede the race to Walter Mondale. Ted Kennedy, who in the ultimate act of disunity challenged an incumbent Democratic president in 1980, waited until the convention to concede to Jimmy Carter.

When Kennedy finally did concede, it was barely distinguishable from a temper tantrum. CBS’s Walter Cronkite reported, “Kennedy leaves the stand, sober, unsmiling. There will be no pictures in tomorrow morning’s paper, and none for posterity, of Ted Kennedy holding Jimmy Carter’s hand aloft.”

As Steve Kornacki (one of the few reporters to show an interest in accurate historical analogies this campaign season) aptly pointed out in The New York Observer, when Kennedy and Hart were running much farther back in their bids for the nomination – Kennedy was trailing by 1,000 delegates in ‘80; Hart by 600 in ‘84 – they didn’t get hit by any serious pressure to drop out.

Clinton, by contrast, was harassed by media to drop out even as she was winning major states and running neck-and-neck with Obama in the popular vote.

When she considered taking the fight to the convention, the idea was greeted with disbelief that she’d be so selfish. Yet Hart and Kennedy both fought on at the convention; Kennedy only conceded after failing to change party rules to his favor. It’s this double standard that so enrages Hillary supporters.

Obama supporters and party leaders continue to insult Hillary voters – and then seem shocked when so many of them say they’re going to vote Republican this year.

Nancy Pelosi, underscoring why Congress under her leadership has an approval rating teetering on single digits, lectured female Hillary supporters in an interview this week – telling them to not wallow in defeat. Said the multimillionairess daughter of privilege: “I think that women, we have to get away from the politics of victim. This is about you go out there and you fight.”

Thanks, Nancy. I’m sure all the working-class women who supported Hillary didn’t realize that the real problem is they need to get off their butts and “go out there and fight.” But now they know that being disappointed that their candidate didn’t win – an emotion plenty of men like, say, Ted Kennedy supporters in 1980 have experienced – is actually just being a whiny “victim.”

This is why John McCain stands at the ready to scoop up any disaffected Clinton supporters.

Just as the Democrats’ convention was beginning in Denver, the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee unleashed four TV ads geared toward Hillary voters. (Her response: “I am Hillary Clinton and I did not approve this message.”)

The RNC held a press conference with four Democrats who declared their support for McCain since Clinton isn’t on the ticket. Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, Hillary die-hards gathered at an RNC -sponsored “Happy Hour for Hillary” in Denver. (Clinton was invited, but demurred.)

And, with Tuesday night’s speech, she pulled out all the stops for Obama. However it doesn’t stop there. On Wednesday during the Roll Call; Hillary Clinton came to the floor stopping and or suspending the process. No one in the DNC has ever giving the other candidate as much as she has given to Obama. She put an exclamation mark on it. No one can or could ask more of her from this point on. She’s done all she can, in fact she has gone over and beyond the call of duty, something I’m sure Obama never would have done had the circumstance been different. Now maybe you who gripe about us the Hillary supporters who are so angry, so inflamed, so pissed, can understand.

Though I am sure since you are so brainwashed you refuse to see the forest through the trees.

It is now Obama’s to win or lose and only his!!


~ by Digory Kirke on August 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “WHY is Hillary Clinton not Barack Obama’s running mate?”

  1. How the Kennedy’s made a mockery of the US Presidency:

    Without a second candidate for the presidency in the family, as the Bush’s and Clinton’s, they first have to find a surrogate that they can control. They found him in Obama, who can also secure the black votes (how easy that they can control the blacks!). He is tailored to mirror JFK in every way, and I don’t think that is Obama’s real desire if he has a say so. Obama promises anyone anything because he knows he do not have to keep them and he has nothing to loose; just to get elected. He made the European tour and gave the Berlin speech, just as JFK did. I hope he did not give the Russians the wrong impression (just as JFK did) that will cause a nuclear confrontation (just as JFK did). They used the Kennedy’s political power to defeat the Clinton’s, but the Clinton’s defeated themselves when Bill opened his big month. The Clinton’s were promised a share of power so they finally go along. They choose as VP a powerful experienced Washington insider, the same way as LBJ to JFK. He is a catholic too. Obama is making a outdoor acceptance speech, just as JFK did. The Kennedy’s had so much control of the election that made one wonder whether one is electing a Kennedy.

    I cannot give my precious vote to Obama because he has no real presidential identity and no conviction; and I do not know which way he will turn when he is faced with a real crisis. Vietnam war was the result of JFK/LBJ failed policies, and I do not want to give Obama(Kennedy)/Biden the chance to mess up a very difficult situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  2. This is so Typical of Obamanation Voters, the Obama Campaign calling the kettle Black.
    Sarah Palin has just as much experience as Barack Obama if not more so. Obama has NO Experience and is riding on the Coat tiles of the Black Nomination. There is no way they can put her (Palin)down, say she doesn’t have experience because, then Barack Obama will have to admit since he has 0 experience what makes him so special? Attacking Palin is going to be like attacking himself.

    This is going to be good; we finally have a woman to vote for. I voted for Hillary and like I said I’m voting for McCain, now that he picked a woman. More women voters are voting for her. Sarah Palin will be a great VP, anyone who says otherwise, will have a lot of explaining to do, because Barack Has NO experience and he thinks he could be President!!!!!

    And Barack’s speech was the same old speech he always gives. Everyone wants change, why doesn’t someone tell Barack its time to get an Agenda, time to change his speech’s he has been singing, their getting old. But then again only Barack thinks everyone should vote for him.

    No matter what criminals he had with him, Ryzko , who got Barack his HOUSE,, and like always, Barack brings up McCain’s Houses, how dumb again, calling the kettle black again. Two people Rich People,1 worth 4 million and the other worth 400 million. Gee to me and every other middle class in America Rich is rich,, so Barack wants to get into a pissing match over Houses, instead of telling the people what he is going to do. He has done nothing! Every news Media knows he adopted Hillary’s campaign; Pelosi, Dean and Barack Obama are making Hillary Unite this party!

    Barack Obama won the Primary so why is it up to Hillary to unite this party? Why are they asking her to do this, is this all she can do? It is not up to her, it’s up to Barack Obama! What we have here is Bush Tactics, they are going to do all they can to fraud and Hi-Jack this Campaign, and rig the election, like they did with Hillary. You know like the way they gave Obama Florida and Michigan even though Hillary won those fair and Square…no Barack wants half after the fact.

    Well I am glad Hillary is not the VP for Barack, now she can run in 2012, against McCain; and she can be the first Woman President; however right Now Sarah Palin is going to be the First Woman Vice President. She has JUST as much experience if not more being a governor as what Barack Obama has had as a Senator. McCain made a great choice!

    I guess that Greek temple of a joke stage Barack made for his speech is the closest he going to get to the white house.

    He REALLY thinks he already is the President. Well at least I did go out and started using Barack Obama’s energy plan. I bought a TIRE GAUGE; wow we are saving money now (pfft).

    Don’t forget the BarackObama Seal, the one He Stole from, the Commander & Chief’s Seal! The Man is an EGOMANIAIC! I am a Proud Democrat, I will not blindly vote for a Man, who will Hurt this Country, I will not do it! If Hitler was a democrat, would I have to vote for him? NO!


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