John McCain for President

What is it about McCain that is appealing, (besides the Glaring resume of experience?):

He puts country first. How about you? Would you rather vote with a party that has thrown away their values of fairness, and democracy to select a candidate -one without experience – to be their choice, or would you rather elect a Man who has experience and leadership abilities?

This is someone who reached across aisles while his party played partisanship politics. This is someone who served in our armed forces. This is a person, whom can handle those 3 A.M. calls, and we know he will make Command decisions as Commander-In-Chief. Of course he has done things that the Demo-Rats didn’t like, but he did what he felt was right for our country. He stood up to President Bush, when the President wanted to legalize Torture. He doesn’t always toe the line his party lays out. The far Right are worried, because he isn’t “Conservative” enough. Well, I think it is about time we got away from those “Conservatives”. I think the man has class personally. He never had followers declare him the “Messiah” or “The one”. He is to the Republicans what Hillary was to the Democrats, a strong person who puts country before party.

You have a choice in November, Vote for John McCain who has the experience and leadership to defend this Great Nation by putting it first. Or you can Vote Barry Soetoro who has lied to everyone, bullied out the experience candidate on the Dem side, who puts himself above all else. It’s YOUR move America, you decide!

Click Image to go to John McCain's Offical Website

Click Image to go to John McCain's Offical Website

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~ by Digory Kirke on August 29, 2008.

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