A Big Day and Blogging is Coming! STAY TUNED!!!

Well I’m feeling a tad bit tired, normally I would post a Natural Selection and a few other things. However as I said I’m feeling tired, but fear not as I have some interesting news for you. Later today I will post the Natural Selection as well as a second one. I will also be introducing you a new item that I will begin starting: Urban Legends.

I have a great blog you will not want to miss concerning the “Big Easy” & how they haven’t learned their lesson from Katrina. See why Ireland is pissed at the United States, it will surprise you. Much later in the night I will blog about the first day of Democratic National Convention, and there will be some very sexy hot shirtless, let’s just say these boys are hot right now, very famous, have nothing to do with the Olympics, you’ll know them and want them and their clad only in swimsuits hitting this blog as well. I can assure you you won’t want to miss them. The day will be busy, lots will be blogged that will capture your attention and pique your interest.

So make sure to stop back later today as all this comes your way.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 25, 2008.

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