Many of you know if you have come here more than once I have a section in my page area called American Heroes. I went to the site where I get my data from to find the DoD (Department of Defense) has locked that site down, citing; I can’t believe I’m about to say this: NATIONAL SECURITY!

Now how in the hell does reading that a specific solider died, when, and the circumstances behind it, effect NATIONAL SECURITY! I have heard and seen some pretty lame shit over the years from the DoD (I was in the military, and did a short tour at the Pentagon) but this takes more than the god damn cake. It takes the icing and candles as well.

The information I was reading, posting, and sharing with all of you is PUBLIC INFORMATION! I have already begun the process of securing this information once more through and with the use of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT.

What it all boils down to is I’m not sure how soon or when I will have a new post of that page. So I have decided to begin posting images I have made some time ago and will make more posting them right here on my main blog until said site is opened again. And before you wonder when you see the pics I am DTC ENTERPRISES.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “I WILL NOT QUIT, GIVE UP, OR STOP!”

  1. You know, if that site had displayed tactical maneuvers or troop movements or discussed in detail non-public information, then I could see shutting it down due to threats to “National Security”. But I am sure it did not, all it did was SHOW the dead. As not just a number, but as a person. What are we China? The state controls media coverage and a Website’s opinions????? What the FUCK! This is a threat to our rights and freedoms as AMERICANS. The State has no right to tell us we cannot view or identify our DEAD. Soldier or citizen! Our Soldiers are our HEROS, and are not Threats to National Security!!!! We deserve to count them, name them, hold them and remember each and every last one! No one, not even the Department of Defense has the right to tell us No. We are not children we are Citizens of a FREE & supposedly DEMOCRATIC society! How DARE THEY! Oh, I can’t even fully articulate my ANGER at such nonsense!

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