Honor: Dedication: Rememberance

Over the years of my life I have served my country in various ways. I have severed in the military and as firefighter/EMT. I watch the news just like everyone else, however I have a somewhat better understanding of what is being said than those who haven’t served in the military. I do not support the Iraq war but I do support and salute those who serve in our military. I have been in every major conflict up to this last war.

I served my country as a Navy Seal and have been in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia, & Kosovo. I therefore have created these pages to those who serve, the ones we don’t hear about or see. We only hear numbers, well I’m going to start putting faces on those numbers. It’s time we see who these men and women are, it’s time we see their faces, it’s times we see their human like you and I and not just a damn number. It’s harder to accept loss when you see their faces rather than just hear how many have died today.

Each and every day I will blog about a new soldier, everyday you will see a new face, everyday you will have to look into their eyes and see the human and not the number. You might get chills, feel inspired, feel proud, a lump might form in your throat, your eyes might mist up, you might cry, you might be angered, or you might have them all happen to you; but one thing THAT will happen is you will no longer be able to our brave men and women, our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives are dying. They will no longer be faceless, a number, here you will see the human, and who knows perhaps, just perhaps the war won’t seem so far away when you see the human factor, that which your not hit with nightly by the news media.

In honor of beginning these pages and how I served in the Military I start off with a Navy Seal.

*look to the right of this post to the “tool bar” section, look for PAGES, (It’s beneath my callander and WALL-E) look to bottom where the list begins.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 19, 2008.

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