Half-pound of COCAINE found in unmarked police car!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Police in Providence, R.I., say an unmarked car that officers had been driving for several years came with a surprise — a half-pound of cocaine hidden behind the radio.

Deputy Police Chief Paul Kennedy says the Ford Taurus was confiscated from a drug dealer in 2000.

Kennedy says police do search for contraband in confiscated vehicles but sometimes they “miss stuff.”

Three packages of cocaine were found behind the dashboard about three weeks ago by a repairman who was cannibalizing the car for spare parts.

Police estimated the stash would be worth almost $7,000 on the street.

Kennedy said it’s unlikely anyone will face charges over the concealed coke.

*I am so glad to hear that the police have a car several years that was confiscated during a drug bust and they failed to find that cocaine. Umm, what happened to the dogs, you know those four legged officers my taxes pay to feed, take care of, and visit the vet. If the damn thing had been a DOUGHNUT the cops would have found it in 30 secs flat. OY!*


~ by Digory Kirke on August 14, 2008.

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