Olympic Medal Poll! One of the Most Important Polls you’ll ever take!

So I’m hearing a lot of arguing and or arguments about what is more important: The total number of medals a country wins or the total number of gold medals a country wins. So I’m putting the question to you. You will put this argument to rest. What Say You! Choose Wisely! This Poll will remain open until the closing ceremonies!


~ by Digory Kirke on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “Olympic Medal Poll! One of the Most Important Polls you’ll ever take!”

  1. Since the medals themselves are weighted (1st, 2nd, 3rd), so should their value in determining the “winner” of the Olympics. I keep a tally and chart running in Excel during the Olympic Games. I have all the medal-winning countries in one column and a columns for gold, silver, and bronze. Each gold medal is – in my way of thinking – worth 3 points; each silver worth 2; each bronze worth 1. So, right now, even though the US has 72 medals to China’s 67, China’s huge lead in gold medals (39 to 22) ought to count something to their credit. My Top Five leaderboard reads:

    1 China: 39G + 14S + 14B = 159pts
    2 USA: 22G + 24S + 26B = 140pts
    3 Russia: 8G + 13S + 15B = 65pts
    3 Australia: 11G + 10S + 12B = 65pts
    4 Great Britain: 12G + 7S + 8B = 58pts
    5 S Korea: 8G + 9S + 6B = 48pts
    5 Germany: 9G + 7S + 7B = 48pts

    I really like this model because while it does reflect quantity, it emphasizes quality.


    I found this page ( http://missioncritical.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/olympic-prediction-continued-us-domination-sort-of/ ) quite interesting. It seems, though, that he under estimated China…

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