Michael Phelps Wins THIRD GOLD in Beijing!

The GREAT WHITE SHARK can’t be beat! Michael Phelps just finished the Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle where he took and or brought home the gold medal. This is Phelps third gold medal in Beijing and the only color he seems determined to take.

This gold medal added to his collection give him his 9th gold in his career and his 11th career medal over all. Phelps is now tied with some of the GREATEST names in Olympic History for most medals won. However Phelps still has the chance of collecting five more before these Olympics close and many are feeling quite confident that he will indeed collect more before the fat lady sings.

Not only did Phelps win this competition he smashed yet another world record making this the 4th record he has done that to while in Beijing. He now holds four world records from Beijing alone. Stay tuned to this blog as I will keep you up to date on all the happenings with Michael Phelps and his History making Journey.


Fifty Minutes later Michael competed in the Men’s Semifinal 200 Meter Butterfly. Once again Michael won this competition. This is his second semifinal win. This was not for a medal but to see who went on to the 200 meter butterfly finals. While no medals were at stake here what should be noted people is that he only had fifty minutes to recover from his last race. Fifty minutes later he was back in the water and winning once again, now someone please try and tell me the nickname I’ve coined him “the Great White” (as in shark) doesn’t fit. Many swimming Olympians will tell you that had four competitions in eight days and felt like they were going to die. Michael Phelps is THE GREAT WHITE SHARK, period!!!

I will also be posting the newest medal standing at midnight Central Standard Time, be sure to check back to see where America ranks with the rest of the world.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 12, 2008.

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