Michael Phelps enters the HISTORY BOOKS!

When you talk about the greatest Olympians in history you think about Carl Lewis who won nine gold medals in his career or Mark Spitz who has done the same, however the next time you utter those names don’t forget to add Michael Phelps name in that sentence. Phelps has now entered the history books as a nine time Gold Champion/Olympian as well. However this fairy tale doesn’t end there, let’s take a closer look at what’s left.

Besides being a nine time gold medalist Phelps has already set four new world records in Beijing. He still has five events left and seems very likely to take more Gold Medals. He only needs one more to enter history once more as the first Olympian to ever do this. But that still doesn’t end it.

Mark Spitz (U.S.A.)

After not living up to his own expectations in Mexico City in 1968, where he won 2 gold medals, swimmer Mark Spitz returned at the 1972 Munich Olympiad to win 7 gold medals – an Olympic Swimming record that remains unsurpassed.

Well we have seen what Michael can do and it seems that Mr. Spitz has opened his mouth saying Phelps couldn’t beat that record and we know what happens when you tell Phelps that. He proves you wrong. He’s already down that twice, once to Thorpe and the second to the French Team he just beat with the help of his team. It truly looks like Michael could get those five other gold medals and in doing so would break Mr. Spitz’s record.

On top of that any medal he adds on no matter what color/place brings him that much closer to being the King of Olympians with the total amount of medals. Phelps has already stated he would be competing at the 2012 Olympics in England which once again would add to his medal total which now stands at eleven (Nine Gold & Two Bronze) with as I stated before five events left.

Be prepared to see more medals won and more records broken and set by this young man. I would keep a serious weather eye on this “kid” he’s no where being done and this fairy tale story is just beginning. Michael Phelps stands a very good chance of going down in History as the Greatest Olympian ever.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 12, 2008.

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