Michael Phelps Wins SECOND GOLD in Beijing!

With the help of three teams mates Michael Phelps has just clenched his second gold in Beijing. The US Swim team just won the Mens’ 4×100 Freestyle. The French earlier that day opened they mouths and began talking smack telling the press that Michael Phelps and his team didn’t impress them and that they were going to smash them, that was why they came to Beijing.

Well it turns out the French got smashed courtesy of Michael Phelps and his team. Speaking of smashing not only did they beat the French that smashed the World Record by a full four seconds. A record that had been held by the French Team. So it looks like the All American Beef (Michale Phelps & Company) will have a side order of French Fries or Frogs Legs.

This win bodes very well for Michael, this was the second hardest event he had to compete in Beijing and one that could have prevented him from attaining eight golds &  setting a new Olympic  Record as well as making  Olympic  History.  However his hardest events are now behind him and his chances of making history is one step closer and slightly more easy now.

This makes Michael’s 8th Career Gold Medal and his 10th overall. Check back to the blog site as I will keep you up to date with all of the Phelps (the Great White’s) action.


~ by Digory Kirke on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Michael Phelps Wins SECOND GOLD in Beijing!”

  1. just heard the news and wanted to check it out on the web, and here i got the most latest juice after a google serach. =)

  2. Hey thanks dasmz,

    I plan on keeping everyone up to date on Michael Phelps and his drive towards Olympic History. Be sure to watch tonight as he goes for another MEDAL and be sure to check back here often for my latest updates and Blogs on him and his journey towards HISTORY!

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