Alexander Artemev Shirtless: US Men’s Gymnastics

OMG! I sooooo want Alexander. Look at that body, that face, that smile. I’ll bet he’s very good in bed, just look at how he moves, bends, contorts, and splays those legs. I could take his ass and…I could shut up now before I get into any more trouble.

~ by Digory Kirke on August 11, 2008.

17 Responses to “Alexander Artemev Shirtless: US Men’s Gymnastics”

  1. Good idea about the shutting up part! ;-) And what is with all those vulgar sex tags? Oi Vey!

  2. does he have a girlfriend?

  3. Hey Nancy,

    Thanks for the question and your reply. I’m not sure if he does or not. I haven’t heard anything during any of the coverage that he does, however that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got one. I would Google him and add in that question. Tons of sites come up on him, I just don’t really have the time to check them all out.

    However if I hear or see something, or while I do all the searches and research I do, if I come across that answer I will post it here as well as make it a post. Thanks again for your question, joining in the conversation, and visiting my blog.


  4. Unfortunatly I think so…. I just heard him say… I love you baby and I miss you, Who would say that to their mother! Im hoping not though and it would be incredibly awesome because where hes “from” is just a few minutes away from my house, and well maybe I can work my charm! haha I doubt it cause now hes a “celebrity” and just like Amy Van Dyken back in what like 96 or 2000, She kind of was like whatever!!

  5. Hey Nancy,

    Here’s a link that gives some information about Alexander. It’s some interesting reading. I knew he was Russian but wasn’t sure how he came to America or became a citizen, this clears some of that up.

    It doesn’t answer your original question but it does give you some insight into Alexander.

    I’m sure with that info and a little research using Google will get you an answer to your question.

  6. Hey Eugenia,

    Thanks for responding and being part of the conversation. Now that you mention it, your right. When he was pacing back and forth in front of the camera he began speaking into it and he did say that. I would also think he was talking to “that” someone “special” as well.

    Besides they never brought up a mother only his dad and reading the bio data on him I just posted as a link I didn’t see anything about his mother there either, so I guess we’d have to assume their is someone special in his life.


  7. He all,

    Just stubbled on this tonight. Sasha does have a fiancee’ named Brianna. She too was a talented gymnast who was offered a scholorship here in Denver. She ended up turning it down and never returned to gymnastics. She and Sasha live together in their beautiful home and she has started her own business. I believe it was going to be a restraunt.

    Sasha’s parents divorced when he was young. His Mom at the time left and went to South America to coach. I have read that she now does the weather report on TV down there. Vlad and Sasha joined the circus in Russia for a while. They moved to the U.S. for a better life where Vlad could coach. Never forced gymnastics upon him but the genes were too strong. Vlad raised Sasha a a single parent and they were always together. He has said that Sasha was such a good boy. He was well mannered, did really good in school and was very self disciplined in the gym. They are very close! Whenever Sasha shows up at the gym for practice or leaves at the end he always goes over the his Dad and gives him a hug. Vlad did such an amazing job raising him. Those two are two of the most generous people you would ever meet. Very kind and very giving. And we are SOOO proud of him.

  8. Oh yeah, in addition to the above I forgot to mention that after Sasha’s Mom left he never saw her again until he was around 18. Not very close with her for some probably obvious reasons but he did develop somewhat of a relationship with her. Last year when he went over to Europe to compete I asked him if his Mom was going to be there and he said he didn’t know and was not going to think about that. He just needed to focus on hitting his routines. Don’t think she ended up going but I could be wrong. Wonder if she went to Beijing. I know if it was me, I’d be there!

  9. WOW! Thanks for all the great info Fan! You have brought a lot to the conversation. We all now know so much more than we did and Nancy’s question has been answered. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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  11. Yeah makes sense that he has a fiance,…after doing the pommel in event finals at Beijing, he says to the camera “I love you Briana” hmm lucky girl. Who knows, maybe if I keep progressing I will be on the Olympic team with Sasha in London, 2012.

  12. Hey MCB,

    Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Yeah, I caught it as well. So Nancy I think that answers your question definitively. Damn, that’s a shame. I was kinda hoping….*shrugs*

  13. […] Alexander Artemev Shirtless: US Men’s Gymnastics […]

  14. he is an awesome gymnast. He does so good on the pommel horse. When i first saw his pommel horse routine during the olympics I was like DAAAAAANG! That was sweet!!

  15. If you go to
    search alexander artemev under videos and
    theres a video of his dad and what looks to be his “girlfriend/fiancee”
    welcoming him home at the airport.

  16. He has a girlfriend, Brianna Springer, who is a freshman on the University of Denver Team

  17. yep… didn’t think she was a talented gymnast..

    ehm… will try to be selcted to the DU team with more rage ever lol

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