Earn Texas Turtle Points to Get WordPress Points

Official Texas Turtle Club Member

You become a member to this club by posting comments to my blog. I will award you TURTLE POINTS for each entry. After you have collected Fifty turtle points I will make you an Official Member of the Texas Turtle Club.

What do you get from this you might ask? Simply this, I will add you to my links page & if you have wordpress I will put your blog link on your Official Logo bringing you traffic.

I have points ranging from one turtle point to ten. Depending on how well and or much you write depends on the number of points you maybe awarded. So if you wrote five responses & received ten turtle points each time in just five responses you’re in the Turtle Hall of Fame and Official Member.

It’s that easy. I will eventually (probably not till beginning of next year) award Club Members with points they can use here on word press to beef up their pages, add more space, whatever you want to use it for. So don’t be shy, try to be at ease in your own shell and start responding to my blogs!

~ by Digory Kirke on August 9, 2008.

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