Yes, it’s just an AOL straw poll, and it’s highly unscientific, BUT…

One of the games we HRC supporters used to play with Obama supporters was the manipulation of these online polls — whenever someone in a voting state put up a poll that asked who was better, Hillary Clinton or Obama, we’d all get online and vote as much as possible for Clinton. The Obama people did the same thing, and would typically win in the end, just because it seemed most of them didn’t have jobs to go to, or other distractions, that kept them from voting nonstop for hours. So, after hours of battling the Obots, we’d typically bring these polls to a close draw, with several hundred thousand votes cast (or Obama would pull off a squeaker win in the end).

Well, things are odd in terms of these online polls these days — McCain wins most of them. Easily. It’s like the Obots all disappeared, because they aren’t spending their time racking up hits for Obama on any of these polls anymore.

Why not?

We can think of several explanations, but will let you choose your own favorite (kind of like the Democratic Party that way, where we select the limited options you get to pick from, none of which you might really want):

(1) Obots suddenly found other things to do besides sit at the computer and flame-war for Obama.

(2) Obots are so secure Obama will win in the fall, that they’ve disengaged from the election and are chilling out for the summer — maybe, or maybe not, to return in the fall for “The One”.

(3) Those weren’t Obots all along working the Clinton polls: they were GOP operatives forcing Obama as the Democrats’ nominee, because he is the much easier candidate for McCain to beat.

(4) The Obots who would be obsessively voting in these polls in the past are the same ones most likely disheartened by Obama’s flip-flops on FISA, campaign finance reform, and offshore oil drilling, amongst others.

We don’t know what the explanation is for this, but it’s something we are noticing eveywhere. That old verve and bluster the Obots used to have is gone — it’s like their collective, spikey heart isn’t in any of this anymore. The passion is gone — like the end of a crush when that boy that was incredibly dreamy and wonderful and magical that you just had to steal his sweater is suddenly just another smelly stinky boy with an ugly sweater that you just don’t feel like spending hours on AOL voting for anymore.

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~ by Digory Kirke on August 6, 2008.

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