Seminole County Brakes for Turtles!

Seminole County’s slogan is “Seminole County… The Natural Choice” Along with nature comes wildlife and there is a lot of wildlife here, from the deer that roam along the Wekiva Preserve to the Sandhill Cranes that fly overhead, the abundant wildlife is all around us.

I was driving down Lake Emma Road in Lake Mary this past week when I saw everyone on the roadway coming to a stop ahead of me. I was worried that there had been an accident, but I saw a man was in the middle of the road reaching down to grab something. As I came to a stop I could see that he was picking up a turtle that had made its way into traffic. In our faced paced world someone stopping traffic would usually result in honking or words being exchanged for that moment of inconvenience. Not this time, other drivers were keeping traffic from proceeding to protect not only the turtle, but the man who wanted to save him.

I was truly left with a sense of pride that our residents care so much about our “other neighbors” the ones without voices. Before we knew it, we were all on our way again, including the turtle… He proceeded slowly towards his Seminole County home, just like me.


I have seen and actually done the same thing in the Lone Star state where I live. I have yet to see anyone act like a jerk when I or someone else did this. I think its kind of hard to do so when you see one of those little guys being picked up off the road so they don’t get squashed. People usually smile or give a thumbs up for the effort.

It REMINDS all of us that it’s ok to slow down and take a minute to do something we don’t usually have time for. It reminds us as we watch and wait that sometimes EACH & EVERYONE of us needs a helping hand sometime.

~ by Digory Kirke on August 4, 2008.

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