Turtle crossing signs stolen! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! MY FELLOW BLOGGERS SPEAK UP!!!!!

Orillia Packet & Times, Canada

Most people have seen the turtle crossing signs in and around this area that have been erected in the past few years by Kids for Turtles Environmental Education. Approximately 58 signs have been erected and out of these, at least 10 have been stolen to date.

Kids For Turtles is a non-profit organization with a goal to educate the public on species at risk and invasive species. These signs are an attempt to bring awareness of turtle crossings since six of the eight species of turtles found in Ontario are at risk, with two of them being endangered. Many of these turtles are being killed unintentionally on roads with increasing volume of traffic and some, sadly, intentionally.

One sign that was recently installed in Springwater Township was up for less than two days before it was stolen. A sign in Swift Rapids had bullet holes shot through it, and just recently a sign in Coopers Falls was also stolen.

The majority of the signs being stolen are taken with the pole attached, making it increasingly difficult to replace the sign. If you would like a turtle crossing sign we are happy to sell you one for $25 which is less than our cost. This makes more sense than stealing our signs which results in costly replacements.

If anyone has any information on the signs being stolen, please contact Kids For Turtles at 325-5386. To learn more about the environment and protecting the world around us, join Kids For Turtles Environmental Education. Information


This is down right sick, sad, appalling, & disgusting! This is a group of Youth trying to make a difference in the world. Leave it to some PUNKS to show just how big their brains are! These kids, OUR FUTURE, (the ones we always complain about and worried they are going to be that), these kids are hard workers. I have been to their site and read everything. This group doesn’t just help TURTLES, their helping loads of other animals, the eco-system, cleaning up our environment, & educating the public in many ways.

In my neighborhood, you don’t see a single kid outside. There has to be at least twenty five, I know I counted them getting on the bus for school one day. Their all inside flopped on the couch, playing videos, or surfing the net. Now we have this group out there doing, DOING my fellow BLOGGERS! Even if you don’t care about TURTLES you need to look at there site and see JUST all they are doing. Drop them an email to show your support for them, and for the LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD LEAVE A COMMENT HERE! MY FELLOW BLOGGERS SPEAK UP! LET YOU OUTRAGE BE HEARD!



~ by Digory Kirke on August 3, 2008.

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