Sea Turtles Survive "Dolly"

Adult Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle being examined, treated, and released by University of Texas Veterinarians! The best VETS on the planet.
(NBC News Channel) The sea turtle rescue mission in South Padre Island, Texas is in ruins after a direct hit from Dolly.

Each of the tanks is filled with debris but Lucy Guillan, who works at the center says she feels lucky that the turtle’s holding tanks didn’t fill with water or the turtles would have drown.

Lucy opens a Styrofoam container and says “yeah” when she sees that the youngest of the turtles made it through the storm unharmed.

The most precious are the Kemp’s Ridley turtles.
*They are on the Endangere
d List*

Their eggs were collected from the beach in an effort to save the rare species.

They hatched just days before Dolly came ashore and they survived the critical time period.

“They only have about 6 hours of energy stored in their yolk sack so we don’t let them go right away,” said Guillan.

Gullian gathers the turtles one by one to the beach where she gently places them in the sand so they can make their way to the water.

For the Kemp’s Ridleys to survive, they have to swim to their nesting area several miles off shore.

Hurricane Dolly made that easier because the water is still turbulent and that makes it harder for predators to see the tiny turtles.

*Ya! Go Kempies, Go!*

These little guys are being released
at South Padre Island, Texas! Hopefully these little Kemp’s will thrive from all the care and love that comes from deep in the HEART of TEXAS

See we TEXANS know how to treat and take of our turtles unlike OREGON and their NAZIS that live there, who cut off their heads! Why don’t you learn a lesson from us TEXANS!!


~ by Digory Kirke on July 27, 2008.

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