Granbury product Dana Vollmer had only the 26th-fastest time in Saturday morning’s 50-meter freestyle prelims, failed to qualify for the semifinals and left Omaha without an Olympic berth.

That was a disheartening result for a 20-year-old who in the 2004 Athens Olympics finished sixth in the 200 freestyle and earned a gold medal as part of the 800 freestyle relay team.

“I came to the finals last night, and that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” she said on her way out of the Qwest Center on Saturday. “Just sitting there watching people accomplish what I dreamed of doing was so hard.” (CRY ME A RIVER DANA!)

Her trials experience contrasted those of Dallas’ 22-year-old Blackman twins, Jen and Candace. Though they had mixed results in Omaha, failing to qualify for the semifinals in their freestyle events, Candace was upbeat about her third trials experience.

She said competing in the Qwest Center made her feel like she was swimming “at a Mavs game.”

Vollmer and the Blackmans have been friends since their youth swimming days. She thought she would spend the rest of the summer training with the Olympic team and competing in Beijing.

Vollmer’s parents have moved to Florida. She told the Blackman’s that she might want to spend part of the summer in Texas, so they invited her to stay with them in Dallas.

“She probably needs some time with friends,” Jen Blackman said. “We are very happy to be there for her.”

Yes particularly since her parents moved to and live in Florida, the “Bitch” goes to college in Berkeley, and my question is: WHY THE HELL DID WE CHANGE THE NAME OF OUR CITY POOL/SWIM CENTER TO BEAR HER NAME WHEN THE TAXPAYERS WHO PAYED FOR AND PAY TO USE THAT FACILITY NEVER GOT TO HAVE A SAY ON THAT!!??!!


You know you really have to LOVE karma! I’m not saying, I’m just saying…


~ by Digory Kirke on July 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “SUCK IT VOLLMER”

  1. I don’t think I would have been quite so colorful in my descriptions, but it does express my outrage at a town that sets an Olympic swimmer on such a high pedestal , during a time when the war in Iraq was real bad. Our soldiers were dying fast, and yet this town did not recognize it’s soldier citizens in the same fashion, as the swimmer. I saw one tiny photo of a soldier holding the town’s stupid (and useless) paper. It was an ad! Shame on Granbury!

  2. I had forgotten about that, thanks for bringing that back to my attention. Yeah I find it disgusting that at the time a little sixteen year old girl is treated as a hero for and from this town, when we had at the time and still have currently men and woman from Granbury serving this nation and not treating the same way.

    I have never or as of yet seen BILLBOARDS spread all over the town and or county with their faces on them or their stories run for a month in our paper about them, and last but NOT least, not a single one of them have had anything in this whole bloody town named for them.

    I find it repulsive that they who give their blood, sweat, tears, parts of their bodies, mind, souls, and LIVES for this TOWN & NATION have gotten shat upon and a little sixteen Barbie gets the welcoming of a conquering “HERO” when all she did was brought home a piece of gold metal.

    I don’t think that is as important as keeping us safe and defending our freedom.

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