…may god help us all.
Before I go further I would like to say I am not a bible thumper but a laxed Catholic. Although that maybe the case it does not however mean I don’t believe in Jesus Christ or God. I need not go to church to have him as my savior or understand his teachings and beliefs. So it is with great clarity that I gasp and clutch my chest when the Obamazon’s begin to refer to the man as the Messiah.

I am more inclined to believe that Obama is the Antichrist before I believe he is the messiah. Prophecy indicates a false messiah and let me tell you, he fits the bill; from his genealogy to his speaking skills. They say the antichrist will come to power from hardly any experience, be foreign, will not deny God, but will neither be a follower, will promise “peace and change” to a world torn between war…will convince MANY that he is godly and MANY will follow, except those who have studied and who accept the truth about what he is. Prophecy also indicates the antichrist as the “fourth beast”… kind of ironic that we are in the middle of the 44th presidential election… hmmm, Obama the messiah? Far from it…but Obama the Antichrist??? Yeah, he gets my VOTE for that role!

The antichrist comes BEFORE the messiah!! Obviously Obama is either the antichrist or nothing at all. And the messiah is JESUS you idiots! It specifically says in the bible that he comes back. Also, he fits about all the prophecies for antichrist that have come about in this point in time, no prophecies contradict him, and only a couple I’m not sure what they mean, so it’s an as-yet-undecided. Plus he fits all of the qualities for antichrist- tall, verbal genius, persuasive, sneaky, brings false peace and hope (which will lead to evil and death), is a man, and the bible verse “the number of the beast will be the amount of his name”: hmmm- 666 = 18. Barack Hussein Obama = 18. YEP! Found a match. How many people can u think of that have exactly 18 letters in their name?? I can’t think of anybody I know! It’s certainly an unlikely number.

Further evidence proves that this sicken idea is indeed false as this man up until very recently was a twenty year member of a church whose minister taught and preached hatred, racism, divisive, unpatriotic and deeply offensive ideas, thoughts, and sermons. TWENTY YEARS Obama sat and listened to this. I’m sorry but the Lord Jesus Christ, Savior and MESSIAH would never have sat there and listened to that crap and doctrine. He would have stood pointed a finger and said, “Get thee behind me Satan!”

The least Obama as a ordinary person like you and I could have done the first time this crap was taught and preached from the pulpit was stood with his family and said loud enough to be heard by the whole church, “Let’s go we’re getting the hell out of here.” But he didn’t and only recently shook off Wright and his church when it began to cause him problems and hurt him politically. I find that very odd and convenient as well as once again lead us to see once more what the man is, NOT the MESSIAH, but rather the ANTICHRIST!

In closing I would also state that there was another man in history who was thought of as the Messiah by his people. He spoke passionately and equolently as well. His people thought he was a Messiah as well; the man’s name was Adolf Hitler…just some food for thought, wake up people don’t be Obambamboozled.


~ by Digory Kirke on July 9, 2008.

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